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Update the Color of Your Cabinets

Cabinet refinishing is a great way to save money and time in comparison to new cabinets. In our cabinet refinishing service, we take your current cabinets and being them back to life – with their original beauty and quality! Contact us today for a free quote! 


    Better Cabinets and Bath has a color selection system consisting of Tier 1 and Tier 2 colors in order to make finding the perfect color easy and stress-free. The Tier 1 color options include top trending colors that will update your cabinets. Tier 2 colors are custom options that are both popular and neutral, and they complement many different types of countertop and backsplash finishes. The Tier 2 colors can be selected from any of the paint codes from companies such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Behr. Better Cabinets uses these paint codes to color match our custom poly acrylic cabinet paint. Tier 2 color selections are often used by those customers going for a specific color, or if an interior designer selects the color used in their custom design.

    In addition, we add a protective topcoat of our clear protective finish to provide a factory-like finish that is durable and easy to clean.

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      The Process

      In regards to the details of the Better Cabinets and Bath refinishing system, the process consists of a 4 step process that yields a smooth, durable factory finish.

      1. Clean and sand the cabinet surfaces in order to ensure adhesion of the primer and painted finish.
      2. Apply a primer that makes sure the substrate will not bleed through.
      3. Apply a water based poly acrylic paint which will give the cabinets the color of your choice.
      4. Apply a clear coat to ensure durability and a satin sheen that is easy to clean. All of the steps have been tested and will leave you with a cabinet that looks great and will hold up in the demanding environment of a kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home.

      Maui Mist

      Frost White

      Polar Bear

      Smoky White

      Agreeable Gray

      Irish Mist

      Exclusive Ivory

      Antique White

      Antique Tin

      Downtown Gray


      Pewter Mug


      Cobalt Blue


      Deep Sea Dive

      Choose a color from fan deck

      Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, and More!

      paint swatches

      Select an exact shade to match existing materials

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